Frequently Asked Questions.


Why Choose Us?


1. We are trustworthy, reliable and deliver a professional product.

2. We do not cut corners and insure your job is done with the proper preparation and highest quality of materials and to your satisfaction.

3. We communicate well with our customers and are appreciative of their schedules.

4. Are prices are competitive.


What qualilty of materials do you use?


1. We prefer to use Sherwin Williams products but we will use a different product that is preferred by our customers if so desired.

2. We recommend the highest quality of materials in order for the job to last and look its best.


How do you price a job?


It is hard to have a set price on painting or paperhanging.  Every job varies in its scope.  We discuss in detail the scope of the project with the customer and if needed give them various options on how to go about tackling the work.


Does our price include materials?


We separate out the materials from the labor.  We give an estimate of the material costs and the customer pays for  only the materials needed for the project.


Do we help in color choices?


Yes we do,  if requested.


Do you give out references?


Yes, upon request.


Are you neat painters?


We pride ourselves on being neat and clean in our work area and clean up. We realize we are working in your home or business and treat it as if it were our own.

Questions concerning Preparation and Application.


How do you prepare and paint an exterior?

1. Pressure wash all services with a bleach and detergent mix.

2. Scrape, sand and prime all peeling and bare wood areas.

3. Caulk all cracks and joints, including siding vertical joints using Sherwin Williams Maxflex or Shermax Caulk. Also, filling nail holes where needed.

4. Repair all rotted wood area, caulk and prime.

5. Paint finish coat using Sherwin Williams "Duration" or "Emerald" Paint.(Recommended) 

6. We can spray or brush siding.

7. True divided light windows will be reglazed where needed, glazed primed and then finish coated. We do not paint and scrape. We brush paint the sashes sealing the glaze to the glass.


How do you prepare and paint an interior?


1. Spackle walls looking for cracks, nail pops and obvious imperfections.

2 Sand and prime spackled areas.

3.Prime any ink or water stains.

4. Caulk along trim.

5. Fill nail holes on trim if needed.

6. Paint the appropriate paint and coats on the ceilings and walls.

7. Trim, Doors and Windows are caulked, lightly sanded and painted. 


How do you restore a deck?

1. Pressure wash your deck and then depending on what previous product you have on your deck  treat it accordingly and choose a finished product that will ensure proper adhesion and restoration.

2. Apply the appropriate finish. The deck must have time to dry before the product can be applied.